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Client Love

Here is what our clients have to say.

"Where would we be without VJ? We live in the land that time forgot - in the country - but VJ's always there when that great divide kicks in, or the deadline, or both at once (and more). How many times have I rung/texted/emailed - sometimes all three at once - with a nightmare tech problem? BUT VJ never fails. Back he comes with calm advice, works out what to do and makes it happen - even from a distance and that is a real stress buster. Drama Queen? Maybe, but when you want it fixed, you want it fixed. Hail VJ. All hail!"

Posie Graham-Evans

Novelist, Producer

Mandemar, NSW. Australia

Posie's Instagram @posiewriter

"I have used the services of Viljo Guilfoil for some years now for IT support for my business. VJ has a "can do" kind of attitude where no task is too difficult or too small for him to take on. He is totally trustworthy, as a result, I have had no reservations about him accessing my computer remotely. VJ is readily available and quick to respond which is crucial when running your own business that relies on the technology working. I have peace of mind knowing that there is someone I can trust who will help and advise when things go wrong no matter where he is."

Giuliana White

The Farm House Kitchen

Wattle Grove, Tasmania. Australia

"Hummingbird Helpdesk were responsible for creating a wonderfully professional website for our business. VJ is a whizz at computer hardware too and was able to install WiFi to our two guest cottages for us - a job we previously were unable to find anyone able or willing to do."

Russel & Miriam

Herons Rise Vineyard Cottages

Kettering, Tasmania. Australia

"VJ has provided me with total IT support for my computer and phone needs (Apple, Windows, Android and others). As an added bonus, VJ also fixed up a number of nagging problems in my audio CD/vinyl record system. VJ has a sense of humour, he is patient (which he needs to be in order to cope with my level of computer knowledge) and he is trustworthy. That makes working with him a pleasure. I will recommend him to anybody who needs technical help or total IT support."

Ken Fung

Campania Estate

Olinda, Victoria. Australia